Consulting in LTE technology at the Core Data and Voice level 3
Claro - Ecuador Duration 3 months  

Development of LTE Project at the Data Core level.
Claro - Ecuador Duration 2 years  

Annual IT support contract and platforms.
Seatrade S.A. Every year  

Contract design and network planimetry.
Logo Academy Duration Project 4 months

Work inspection contract Renewal of the external plant network and internal plant.
Logo Academy Duration Project 3 months  

U2000 Management Platform Training Huawei, provided for Claro Panama
Claro - Panamá Duration 40 hours.  

Repository Equipment Training Charging Gateway Huawei CDRs, provided for Claro Panama.
Claro - Panamá Duration 40 hours.  

Core EPC training for LTE, Commissioning, Interfaces Configuration, Development Logic, Signaling Flows, Service Testing, provided to TIGO Guatemala.
Tigo - Guatemala Duration 24 days  

Consultancy and development of NFV Cloud Core project as Technical Director, provided to AT & T Mexico.
AT&T - México Duration 5 months  

Consulting for construction and datacenter equipment.
Hausler - Argentina Duration 5 months  
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